About the Conference

Join us at the largest RFID conference in the Nordics!


This year’s topic:

 RFID & IoT:
How to make your enterprise intelligent
through the use of smart wireless technologies


* Gain insights into the latest trends and developments within RFID and IoT

* Get hands-on knowledge on how to utilize these technologies to improve your own products, services and businesses

* Get inspiration from companies at the forefront of the use of smart technologies in Scandinavia on how to successfully transform your company to an intelligent enterprise

* Meet visionary first mover companies and experts within RFID and IoT


IoT reaches out to touch Anything, Anywhere – it’s not just about connecting devices to the Internet. It’s about how everyday things are becoming a part of a connected world. In fact, as the IoT reaches critical mass, the majority of networked objects will be wirelessly connected via passive, low-cost RFID technology, sensors and other data gathering technologies.


Smart tracking and tracing technologies (wireless identification including RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC) are already used to increase revenue, reduce waste and prevent fraud, and, not least, to create new business opportunities across industries. Providing transparency enables your organization to make better decisions – to be an intelligent enterprise.


The event is our 8th consecutive annual conference. It’s the largest RFID conference in the Nordics, and it’s a great networking opportunity;


Time: June 7, 2018, 08:30-17:00
Place: IT University in Copenhagen
Registration is open
Contact: Henrik@granau.net


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The Agenda

Information of the presentations will be updated continously – and the agenda may be subject to change

Arrival, registration and coffee from 8:30

Michael Dithmer, Permanent Secretary of State for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

What’s happening in retail? How has the shift in shopping behaviour impacted retailers around the world and will robots take over? Mark’s exploration of the global retail landscape helps retailers gain a focus on what’s real and what works when building a retail strategy in a digital world.

As Director of Retail Industry Solutions at Zebra Technologies (formerly Motorola Solutions), Mark works closely with retailers and hospitality businesses to provide input on how to face the challenge of a new digital retail landscape, where customers are often more connected and informed than shop floor staff. Mark helps retailers focus on developing a vision for their retail business that aims to improve customer experience and drive business efficiencies.

With over 27 years’ customer focused experience, Mark Thomson has developed in-depth knowledge of the EMEA and global retail market place and regularly speaks at industry events throughout the EMEA region including World Retail Congress, Retail Middle East, RBTE and Euroshop. He has worked closely with retailers on the pain points of modern retail and explains how technology solutions can be an integral part of their business strategy to help them solve their real business challenges from supply chain to store.

Prior to joining Zebra Technologies Mark held senior roles in Financial Services and Hospitality businesses.

Speaker: Mark Thomson, Director of Retail & Hospitality Solutions EMEA Zebra Technologies

The RAIN RFID Alliance, with over 160 companies worldwide, is increasing the awareness and accelerating the growth of the passive UHF RFID industry.

In this keynote speak, President of the RAIN RFID Alliance, Stephen G. Halliday, will explain how end-users in a variety of markets are increasingly aware of RAIN RFID technology’s capabilities and how it can help solve their problems.

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) term was coined to describe UHF RFID, but IoT now refers to many technologies. Steve will give examples of the way that RAIN RFID is growing the Internet of Things and show why the IoT forecasts are all wrong.

He will also explain the biggest problem in the IoT today and how the RAIN Alliance is working to solve this problem.


• Which trends should be watched in the field of technology?
• Which trends are seen in general?
• New application areas for RFID?
• Anything else to share?

On behalf of the RFID i Danmark Network, Henrik Granau is attending the "RFID Journal Live 2018" Conference in Orlando 10-12 April.
Henrik will share the highlights and his own conclusions on development trends etc.

Speaker: Henrik B. Granau, RFID i Danmark

2,000 RFID readers, an integrated task management system, automated processes, connected services, tracking of all assets, employee tracking: The new university hospital in Aarhus puts Hospital 4.0 into practise and thus becomes the European pioneer for smart hospitals. With their complete tracking-and-tracing system, the hospital now has an extensive value-creating data foundation that provides a solid basis for decision making and development – e.g. with regards to insight into the potentials for further optimization of work processes, service quality etc.


With their new digital platform for a variety of contractors’ machinery, Trackunit has taken their fleet management products to a whole new level.

The new platform and tracking systems not only lets a contractor track his machines – own or rented – but also monitors use, working patterns, wear, misuse, servicing etc., enabling contractors to optimise the use of their machinery and, for instance, bring machines in for service before a part breaks down, thus minimising downtime and delays.

In this session Soeren Brogaard, Chief Commercial Officer at Trackunit, will share best practices on how to build a data driven strategy, including short and long term business model benefits and challenges effecting multiple stakeholders across the construction ecosystem.

Speaker: Søren Brogaard, Chief Commercial Officer, Trackunit
RFID in Kopenhagen Fur – from idea to plan

In this session, you will get a view into the process Kopenhagen Fur went through from initial idea to full-fledged plan for roll-out for handling 29 million items a year, including:

  • Outline of the key challenges and risks in the process of introducing RFID in a business-critical process
  • Walkthrough of the solution model chosen
  • Reasoning for implementing RFID

    Lucas Åhlström will give us an update on the development and use in Sweden, including:

  • Which industries, application areas, technologies etc. are taking off, and which are behind?
  • What are the most interesting RFID projects taking place in Sweden right now?

    The municipality of Egedal has been working on getting more kids to ride their bikes to school – and remember to use their helmets – by using smart technologies.

    Egedal consulted with more than 70 kids in a co-creation to get their ideas on how to promote biking and traffic safety in the municipality. The answer was by using smart technology - sensors and light, and big sculptures of animals.

    The result is the world's first ZOOper bike path, where children on their way to school will meet 9 wild, interactive animals (up to a size of 2.3 meters). With an RFID tag in the front of their helmet, they can activate different light shows inside the animals.

    During the project there has been a big emphasis on involvement of the pupils to make them engage and take ownership of the project. The idea is to keep this engagement and inspire an enhanced interest in programming and IoT, by letting students from the local youth school be a part of the future development of the background interface, app, light shows etc.

    While the technology will promote a healthier living for the kids and be an interactive playground for the youths, the commuters will get a glance of the interesting and aesthetic sculptures from the train, hopefully inspiring them to “take a walk on the wild side”.

    In this session, Smart City Coordinator of Egedal Municipality will present the process leading to the ZOOper bike path as well as how it functions in practice after opening.


    Learn how Internet of Things (IoT) combined with RFID technology creates a fast-food chain eco-system that improves operations and enriches customer satisfaction. Inventory, waste, queue, and environment management are the focus areas of the eco-system.

    Sinan will highlight the benefits of the deployed solution at some of the Burger King locations in Istanbul Turkey.

    Sinan Ozmen, Founder & CEO, Senszon

    Geir Velve will give us an update on the development and use in Norway, including:

  • Which industries, application areas, technologies etc. are taking off, and which are behind?
  • What are the most interesting RFID projects taking place in Norway right now?

    More information will follow soon

    About this breakout session

    Why should you consider IoT? – What does it take to get a complete solution? – and how do you get started?

    The seminar will start with a general introduction to the whats, whys and hows of IoT and then provide you with a 360⁰ insight into a complete IoT solution.

    This session will be moderated by Sacha Mendes da Silva, Alexandra Institute.

    Make winning experiences in IoT and reap good revenues.

    Stop the feature count and focus on real user needs and desires.
    Start with people.
    Involve the potential users.

    Design thinking and doing is the way to get IoT right from the beginning and the faster way to get success.

    Get method insights on how design-people have helped companies like Danfoss, Hounö and AeroGuest to get success in IoT with people driven UX and design.

    Henrik Mathiassen, Design-People

    How can IoT help you create better products and services?
    How will it create value?
    And how do you get started with the hardware and software?

    The Nordic IoT Centre is a main IoT hub in the Nordic countries and a cooperation between Alexandra Institute and FORCE Technology. We support companies in developing IoT systems and services, offering a one-stop-shop for releasing the value of IoT. We offer specialised services from concept-design and value proposition to prototype as well as concept to validated requirements of IoT systems in an ecosystem of partners and collaborators in the field of electronics, software developers and contract manufacturers.

    Nordic IoT Centre

    IoT Denmark A/S is offering a dedicated network where the connectivity is based on IoT (“Internet of Things”), and the compact data messages are generated by multitudes of sensors.

    IoT Denmark A/S will present examples on how you can streamline and optimize your business or create new business opportunities. Sensors on a robust and scalable Sigfox network with low operating expenses enables new implementations - and Sigfox is now represented in more than 50 countries providing a platform for international solutions.

    IoT Denmark will present examples on how you can be monitoring various types of equipment - indoor- and outdoor monitoring, energy monitoring, temperature and humidity, level monitoring, leak protection etc.


    In this session Siemens will present MindSphere, the Open Industrial IoT Operating System for scalable, global IoT connectivity and application development.

    MindSphere offers the most connected machines worldwide. Using MindConnect, these machines upload data to the cloud to be analyzed. That’s where data turns into business insight that can increase efficiency and profitability.

    Learn about the MindApps and also how the Siemens RFID equipment can connect and transmit data to MindSphere.

    So become part of the MindSphere community and help shape the fourth industrial revolution.


    "Automatic Identification and Data Capture" trade show

    Activities include:

  • Scheduled demonstrations
  • Ask the experts
  • Meet the keynote speakers
  • Learn more about the RFID i Danmark Network
  • Meet the products and solutions providers at the booths

  • At 1:15pm at Booth no. B8 Microcom will demonstrate their unique Concept Tag for use in retail stores.
    At 1:30pm at Booth no. A6 Lyngsoe Systems will demonstrate their Belt Loader Reader for baggage loading and tracking.
    At 1:45pm at Booth no. B9 Nordic ID will demonstrate reading out sensor data with the Medea ACD handheld reader.

    The Exhibition

    Experience the latest trends and technologies within
    “Automatic Identification and Data Capture”


    At this year’s trade show you can find RFID/Bluetooth/WiFi/….

    – as well as Readers/Scanners, Tags/SmartCards, Software, Solutions ……

    You can also see demonstrations, ask the experts, meet the keynote speakers, and get a chance to become a part of our strong RFID i Danmark Network.


    The following exhibitors have already signed up for the exhibition:

    Attend the ”RFID i Danmark Racing Experience” competition!

    In cooperation with Prosign RFID we are again this year setting up a Racing track with radio controlled racing cars from Kyosho – as part of the Exhibition.

    All attendees can have an attempt to ride the track as fast as possible. By the use of RFID technology we will monitor the elapsed times for the rounds and have a LIVE TIMING LEADERBOARD – keeping track of the fastest rounds over the day.

    At the end of the day, there will be prizes to the winners;

    1. Gift card on 2 days with 1 night stay for 2 people at Scheelsminde Hotel in Aalborg – including the luxury morning buffet and free access to SPA area
    2. A free ’All-Access’ ticket to the RFID i Danmak 2019 Conference + 3 bottles of wine
    3. 3 bottles of wine



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